Dr. A.P.Thomas

M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Zoology

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Email : drapthomas@gmail.com

Research Areas
Environmental stress/ Pollution studies, Stress physiology, Biodiversity studies, Environmental monitoring and management, Carbon sequestration and Climate change.Read More


Research Co-ordinator - Science

Dr. K. Usha

MSc Physical Chemistry
PhD Analytical Chemistry, Ion exchange membranes

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Email : uka@mgu.ac.in

Research Areas
Membrane based nano films for separation and analysis, development of new thin films for protein purification, drug delivery, protein resistant and adhesive surfaces, biosenosers .
Multilayer membrane based water treatment, pressure driven transport, pesticide removal and environmental sensors. Read More


Research Co-ordinator - Social Science

Dr. G. Christopher

M. Phil Social Sciences
PhD Forestry

Phone : +919486269964 (Mob) +91 481 2732120 (O) +91 481 2732620 (Fax)
Email : christog2005@gmail.com

Research interests
Natural History, Tribal communities and human ecology,Forest and Mountain Ecosystems, Rare and threatened Plants, Birds and Mammals, Ethnobiology, Nature, Culture and Travel Photography Read More