Acadamic Programmes
Various interdisciplinary courses with specific credits have been designed by the collective efforts of the faculty from different disciplines. The courses are framed as elective or open courses for students within the university and also other universities. Selected number of students from other universities will be provided with scholarships. The university has taken up steps to facilitate credit transfer. The faculty members from other departments will function as adjunct faculty for the running of the courses.
The courses offered are:-
Open Courses:
  1. Sustainable Water Resource Management
  2. Sustainable Energy Management
  3. Public Health and Sanitation
  4. IPR, CBD and Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation
  5. First Aid and Emergency Care
  6. Green Technology
  7. Waste Management
  8. Environment and Ethics
  9. Eco-friendly Shelters
PhD Programme:
PhD programme is offered in the areas of Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development giving due importance to inter-disciplinary research.