The Advanced Centre of Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development (ACESSD) is an Inter-university Centre established in Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala. It has been envisaged as a common centre where all branches of Science, Social Science as well as Humanities converge so as to facilitate the conduct of programmes with inter-disciplinary dimension. The Centre has taken up activities under Academic, Research and Extension programmes with specific objectives. The research projects are carried out under the eight major research divisions.

The areas identified for the overall activities of the Centre include, Sustainable water resource management, Sustainable energy management, Public health and sanitation, Waste management, Pollution studies, Climate change, Mountain and forest studies, Indigenous communities and Traditional Knowledge, Sustainable agriculture, Biodiversity conservation and management, Sustainable tourism, Environmental awareness and education, Sustainable consumption and Eco-friendly shelters.

The Centre is housed in the School of Environmental Sciences of Mahatma Gandhi University. There are Science and Social Science groups to coordinate the academic, research and extension programmes. The Centre has the state-of-the-art facilities for advanced level research. It works with an open-minded approach and established linkages with various National and International Institutions for collaborative works and exchange programmes.